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The Massachusetts Distributed Generation Working Group will include key stakeholders from four different clusters: Distributed Generation, Utilities, State Agencies, and Customers/Cities.

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UT-UtilitiesDG-C-DG (predominantly CHP/Other)
DG-S-DG (predominantly Solar)SA-State Agencies
DG-W-DG (predominantly Wind)CC -Customers/Cities
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Organization Stakeholder UT DG-S DG-W DG-C SA CC
ClearEdge Power, Inc. Bill Pentland 
Harvard Mary Smith (alt.) 
Harvard Douglas Schmidt  
Prime Solutions Henrietta de Veer (alt.) 
Source One/Veolia Energy Larry Plitch (alt.) 
Source One/Veolia Energy Reid Sprite 
The E Cubed Company, LLC Ruben Brown (alt.) 
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