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DG WG Transition Call 8:30-10:30 (3/29/2013)
 Draft Agenda 3-29-13  (Agenda) (29k)
 Revised Agenda 3.29.13  (Agenda) (30k)
 Emails Between DOER & Utilities on Monthly Reporting & Annual April 1 Filing  (Other) (40k)
 WG Transition Mtg Plan 3.26.13  (Other) (23k)
 DPU 11-75-E Clarifications Utility Proposal  (Other) (30k)
 Network Screens  (Other) (27k)
 4.4.13 Central Administrator Progess Report  (Other) (32k)
 Agenda 3-29-13 revised v2  (Agenda) (15k)
 Draft Meeting Summary for Transition Call 3.29.13  (Meeting Summary) (33k)

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